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Setting up an encrypted Time Machine backup stored in the cloud

time-machine macos cryptomator encryption cloud-backup backup applescript redundancy

Setting up my cloud-synced encrypted Time Machine backup after a faulty kext caused my system to crash Read more...

Disabling Apple's undocumented phone-to-home feature on my macOS Install

macOS Catalina brings with it stricter notarization requirements and a notorious addition to syspolicyd, an undocumented phone-to-home feature that informs Apple about scripts and binaries that you run Read more...

Attempting to shift my physical Manjaro install to VMWare Fusion

virtualisation vmware vmdk virtual-disk imaging manjaro arch-linux brew

My attempt at performing a physical-to-virtual conversion of an ext4 partition (an unsupported FS on macOS) without a partition table, reinstalling GRUB on a dedicated boot virtual disk altogether and getting it to boot within the VM, all without any downtime Read more...
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