This cute kitten is courtesy of Ramiz Dedaković on Unsplash

Hey! I mostly written this blog as a repository of stuff I’m interested in and share them but I’ve noticed that I didn’t write a lot recently. I’ve been busy with college and have been investing a lot of time on personal projects.

I don’t know if I would be writing soon on this blog because some of the stuff I want to write about soon are more fit for something like GitHub because it’s easier to take in contributions and allows for my stuff to be forked with ease. Also, I’ve deleted a lot of old projects that I thought would go nowhere and I’ve been using GitLab for a while now (Travis CI support is pretty neat along with nested repositories, thanks GitLab!) so I might be using GitHub just for the occasional script snippet or small project but I might move all my personal projects to GitLab soon.

I’ve been wanting to fix some bugs for LES for macOS and even thought about writing a custom UI for settings.ini so that stuff becomes more user friendly but I’ve been thinking about this since June but I haven’t really sat down and done any work on it. I mean, the files are there but I’ve been putting in time for a version of XNU with untested patches that doesn’t work and sleeping with a eye mask, instead.

Time really flies, huh.

I’ve intentionally kept the website as minimal as possible (except for my previous writeup, sorry for all the heavy images) so I don’t have comments or analytics to gauge whether anybody reads this stuff so maybe I’m stressed over nothing but in case it helps anyone, thanks for reading!

I just gotta say one thing though, FreeBSD - why do I have to install wget and nano on a fresh install? I get not having bash or zsh but come on! You have the Debian equivalent of build-essentials but no nano:(