Kittywhisker's Nibbles

If you do appreciate my contributions to any particular project, a project that have I have spearheaded, the content you find on this website or have some leftover change to spare, any tips sent this way would be deeply appreciated. Though before that… one more thing.

Interesting OSS Projects

There are a lot of projects that (in my personal opinion) do not get the funding they deserve and arguably would be better off with a tip, contribution or recurring donation instead of me, please consider supporting Open Source Software by contributing either code, money or a recommendation as it really means a lot to any developer. The amount of interesting projects that get abandoned due to lack of funding should hopefully be a thing of the past.

Worked for me when Android File Transfer didn’t, it’s fast as it uses its own MTP kernel. Can’t imagine using Android File Transfer ever again. Really took a long time for a freeware alternative but glad it’s finally here.

Don’t like having software carte-blanche access to my computer, Ferdi lets me use their web app alternatives that are forced into a sandbox. I have never tried Ferdi Server but even without it, the ability to switch accounts and have them isolated from one another is really neat.

Useful little Hex Editor that isn’t an eyesore on macOS. Nothing else to say, it just works.

The Darling Project is attempting to write a compatibility layer between Darwin/XNU (the backbone of macOS) and Linux-based systems. This is a non-trivial task due to the fact that a most of macOS’s frameworks are proprietary, practically everything we know about macOS is brought to us by reverse engineering, debugging, reading extremely old or insufficiently detailed documentation, all while working within the constraints of having to maintain ABI compatibility. I really think Darwin should live outside of macOS.

Run my own server. Need to monitor cron tasks. Will not SSH into my machine every time, too cumbersome. This does the job. Enough said.

Supporting Me

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